Differo Eyeliner brush

Differo Eyeliner brush

Eyeliner brush

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Differo blush brush, the special shape of the thin bristles allows you to accurately and precisely create an eyeliner on the eyelids. The brush is suitable for applying liquid and gel eyeliner. It is made of high quality synthetic hairs that are gentle on the skin. The brush provides exceptional precision when applying make-up. It has a comfortable long handle that helps make makeup easy. Synthetic hair is superior to natural hair in strength and elasticity. They do not rot, are resistant to abrasion and weather conditions, do not change under the action of oxidants, oils and others. These fibers are strong, elastic, durable and easy to clean. Differo eyeliner brush with which you will easily achieve excellent results. The product is hypoallergenic!

Material Synthetic hair
Length 14 sm.
Width 0,6 sm.

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