Scissors Differo

Scissors Differo

Scissors with a curved tip with a length of 9,2 cm.

  • Brand : : Differo
  • Product Code : 77814
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  • 27.70лв.

Differo scissors with curved tip, made of stainless steel, for long-term use. The scissors are very well sharpened and therefore do not damage the structure of the nail. It is designed for cutting both nails and cuticles. If your nails are too hard, it is good to use it after taking a shower or after dipping your fingers for a while in warm water. When using it, it is recommended that the nails be cut in a straight line and not too close to the cuticle, after you finish cutting, shape your nails with a file.

Length 9,2 sm.
Width 4.3 sm.

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