Statuette - Elephant - Mecenat

Statuette - Elephant - Mecenat

Statuette - Elephant - Height 13 cm.

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Statuette - Elephant - Mecenat - The elephant is a symbol of wisdom and strength, with a raised trunk, it is often used as a talisman and amulet. Today, elephant figurines are mainly used as decorative elements. But they are still guardians-mascots. They are rightly a symbol of longevity, memory, strength and endurance. That is why in Feng Shui the elephant symbolizes support, stability and, if placed in an office, will provide strong support in the work of its owner. Elephants - are ancient symbols, they are important elements in the culture of Thailand, Burma and other Asian countries. In Indian mythology, the elephant is the earthly representation of Ganesh, the god of wisdom and prosperity. The elephant will be in good combination if positioned to the west or northwest. If you want to protect your home, office or shop from possible attacks and you have the opportunity to place two identical elephant figurines on the outside of the front door, then place them on both sides of the door so that the elephant's head looks at the arrivals. Dimensions of the statuette: h 13 cm.

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