Statuette - Sailboat - Mecenat

Statuette - Sailboat - Mecenat

Statuette - Sailboat - Dimensions: 17.5x8x22 cm.

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Statuette - Sailboat - Mecenat - Sailboat is a totem that is associated with attracting success in business and career. It has a very strong impact on financial well-being and success. The sails of the sailboat must always be raised and inflated, because this is associated with headwinds and positive dynamics in life. For a stronger effect, put on the ship coins, jewelry, precious stones or any other symbols of wealth. The ship must be placed away from the front door, and the sails must be directed inwards towards the house. This symbolizes that success and wealth will come to your house. Dimensions of the statuette: 17.5x8x22 cm.

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