Statuette - Taurus - Mecenat

Statuette - Taurus - Mecenat

Figurine - Bull - Height 15 cm.

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Statuette - Bull - Mecenat - The bull is often seen as a symbol of fertility and masculinity - a combination of the power of the sun, fire and light. In Hindu beliefs, Lord Shiva is always accompanied by a white bull - the embodiment of sexual energy and courage. The bull is a symbol of calm strength and stability, reliability, brings happiness, abundance and good luck. He is able to meet your desires, as long as you work hard. It is considered a sacred animal in Asia, brings success in business and investment, attracts wealth and abundance. It is a particularly suitable gift for men because it gives them strength, confidence, stability. The statuette is made precisely of polyresin with a metal coating and with attention to every detail. Dimensions of the statuette: h 15 cm

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