Natural coral mushroom Differo

Natural coral mushroom Differo

Natural coral sponge

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Natural coral mushroom Differo - Coral mushrooms are absolutely natural. They are soft and pleasant to the skin. Modern technologies allow the extraction of coral mushrooms from great depths of the sea. There, the collagen structure is of higher quality and corresponds to that of human skin. The sponge does not cause allergies, and when in contact with the skin gives collagen. The fibers of the sponge carry a large amount of moisturizing ingredients that help keep the skin healthy, young and vibrant. The sponge is an invertebrate marine animal that has a porous body. It lives in the seas in motionless colonies. Due to its properties that it does not absorb odors and that microorganisms harmful to humans do not develop in it, it is used as a bath sponge, for cleaning various surfaces and others.

Important: Coral mushrooms can come in different sizes and shapes, as created by nature.

Length 9 sm.
Width 5 sm.

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