Statuette - Penguin - Mecenat

Statuette - Penguin - Mecenat

Figurine - Penguin - Height 19 cm.

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Statuette - Penguin - Mecenat - The penguin totem are cute little animals that people sometimes forget are birds. This fact, along with several other misunderstood features about the penguin, bring a new meaning to the symbolism of the bird. Penguins use their wings to help them swim. So what does this evolutionary trait add to the penguin symbolism? The great change that the penguin has made over the years makes the penguin totem a great symbol of adaptability. Penguins also do their best to stay in groups. This could be one of the survival tactics. In general, this trait in penguins can symbolize several basic things. Staying close to each other can be community and cohesion. The existence of different opportunities to recognize each other, therefore, symbolizes the family. It also carries the symbolism of communication. Dimensions of the statuette: h 19 cm.

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