Table arrangement

Table arrangement

Table arrangement - Always start with the style that is suitable for your celebration and best reflects the reason for this gathering, the mood and of course the menu. Choose the service in which you will serve, according to your style. Look at the diamond table on canvas on which to paint, but most of all add, add. The more layers of this table the more, the more wow after that. Don't be afraid to import colors, choose a color scheme, preferably four colors. Never miss flowers and candles for your table. Flowers and candles are the magic ingredient that makes the table alive and beautiful, even on half empty plates and ashtrays. Do not greet your guests with empty plates, no matter how beautiful they are. Place a smaller, dessert plate on the main plate, for example, which will look like a welcome plate. In this plate you can put two or three small tasty bites. Serve the drinks in large wine glasses, whether wine, water or juice. They always stand more beautifully on the table and in the hand of your guest. They create a feeling of generosity and kindness. Save your waiter work as much as possible. Put more of the food in beautiful common bowls, and two beautiful glass or metal ice cubes full of ice. Allow the guests to serve themselves and you can enjoy dinner. If your meal is delicious, they won't even think to think of serving it themselves. Don't be afraid to serve in non-standard dishes that are not for their intended purpose, as long as they are beautiful. Get rid of as many bottles as possible and pour the drink into beautiful containers for this purpose. Do not underestimate the space around the table, decorate the room, light candles, lanterns, lamps, remove vases, put statuettes - turn it into a festive space. that you did it for them.

Adagio whiskey bottle - Dimensions: 19x9 cm.

Adagio Bottle Bottle - Adagio Bottle Bottle - Bottle: Ø 9 cm. Height: 18.9 cm. Capacity: 750 ml. Stylish whisk ...


Apple-shaped bowl - Dimensions: 20.5x18.5x9.5 cm.

Ceramic World apple-shaped bowl ...


Barrel with fountain and 6 cups - Dimensions: 29x21 cm.

Barrel with fountain and 6 cups Lancaster - Capacity of the barrel 2 liters, capacity of the cups - 50 ml. Siz ...


Bowl with bowl - Dimensions: 22.5x15x16 cm.

Ceramic World cup ...


Cheese plate - set of 4 parts - Diameter 22 cm.

Cheese plate - set of 4 parts Lancaster - Cheese set including 1 pc. knife for soft cheeses, 1 pc. parmesan kn ...


Cheese plate - set of 6 parts - Dimensions: 26x23 cm.

Cheese plate - set of 6 parts Lancaster - The set includes: parmesan knife, hard cheese knife, soft cheese kni ...


Coffee cup set 150ml.

Mecenat coffee cup set - Luxury set of 2 cups and 2 saucers made of fine porcelain with English design. Lancas ...


Decanter bottle - Dimensions: 28.5x8 cm.

Decanter bottle - Universal fine container for alcohol, suitable for both wine and spirits. The shape is class ...


Invino glasses for red wine 6 pieces

Invino glasses for red wine - Stylish set of 6 wine glasses, made by the Italian company RCR Crystal. The glas ...


Lediera with a pinch

Leader and a pinch, the ledier is made of glass. ...


Mug with an inscription for the 50th anniversary.

Original beer mug made of glass with a comfortable handle. Simple decoration - plate of metal alloy of tin and ...


Napkin swans

Napkin swans Borgonovo - Dimensions: 13 * 4.6 * 8.9 cm. / 414g. ...


Plateau for hors d'oeuvres - Dimensions: 24x24 cm.

Lancaster Plateau Plateau - The set includes: Wooden base, 2 bowls, 2 spoons, 1 plate. Dimensions: 24x24 cm. ...


Plateau for hors d'oeuvres - set of 2 parts - Diameter 32 cm.

Plateau for hors d'oeuvres - set of 2 parts Lancaster - The set includes: Plateau and cutting board. Diameter ...


Plateau for hors d'oeuvres - set of 2 parts - Dimensions: 29x29 cm.

Plateau for hors d'oeuvres - set of 2 parts Lancaster - The set includes: Plateau and cutting board. Dimension ...


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